Bars & Rods

Stainless Steel Bright Bars are widely used in several industries like automobiles, electric motor, railways, defense, shaft making, agriculture, health & sports, textile, decorative & furniture, hoses, and fittings, bearings, hinges and gears, oil and petroleum sector, mining, etc. Bright bars are a commodity product serving as raw material for industries like automobile and semi-finished products for industries like shipbuilding and finished product for businesses like interior decorators, mall, etc. The automobile industry is the major sector that consumes Bright Bar as raw for machining. Engine components, nuts, bolts; shafts are made out of Bright Bars. It is used in heavy engineering industries, pumps/electric motor industries, railways for the manufacture of engines as well as coaches, for various fabrication jobs where accuracy is important, for making shafts in conveyors, oil &petroleum sector, as finished products for decorative and furniture, health &sports, equipment tools &fixtures and in many other Engineering Industries.

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